Smart Skills

The modern healthcare worker needs to be a great clinician and equally have strong soft and hard skills.


Hard skills are skills that involve “specific technical knowledge and training,” like the ability to plan or use a computer program. In other words, you can think of hard skills as the necessary technical skills for healthcare leaders and administrators.

Soft skills are more difficult to define, but no less important to master. Compared to technical or hard skills like knowing how to manage a project, soft skills are more like styles of thinking, leadership and personality traits that are conducive to success in the workplace, such as being reliable or having the ability to think creatively.


The Clinical Care Platform has put together what we call “Smart Skills” which are a combination of essential soft and hard skills needed to enhance the ability of clinicians to be successful as healthcare leaders and administrators.

Upcoming Events

  • Risk Assessment and Management Workshop
    Sat, Jan 28
    Live on Zoom
    Identifying hazards through proper procedures will provide healthcare workers the ability to prevent that accident before it occurs. Limiting and removing potential dangers through Risk Assessment is an incredible investment. CPDs: 7 Points Price: R950.00