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All healthcare practitioners are required to get CPD points, but how does it affect your clinical performance? Healthcare practitioners’ confidence in communication and the application of clinical skills is essential to ensure the best possible outcome for patients. Confidence is critical when making life-threatening decisions (1). So how do we improve your confidence? A number of studies report that continuous professional development courses improves healthcare worker's performance and better patient health outcomes (2). Another study examined the effect of continuing medical education on healthcare workers and found that; 70 per cent of responders showed a change in performance, and 48 per cent of their interventions changed patients' health outcomes (3).

As a CPD provider, the Clinical Care Platform is determined to improve access and reduce cost of continuing medical education. We understand the impact that clinical skills have on your performance and recognise that your time is an essential resource, that is why we provide virtual live events and self-paced eLearning courses that are accessible from anywhere in the world, anytime, and on any device. Our members receive verifiable digital CPD certificates within an hour of completing a live webinar, CPDs are further logged with relevant professional councils including the HPCSA within 24 hours.

We have now launched ClinLib, as if things couldn't get easier! ClinLib was created with you and your busy lifestyle in mind. This extension of the Clinical Care Platform allows you to easily search for micro-lessons and courses in a library with over 50 CPD courses and connects you to a network of other healthcare specialists through a Clinical Forum where clinical updates are shared and cases discussed. We understand the effects of load-shedding, missed a webinar? we have solutions in place, with our library you can access all previous seminars and still get your CPD certificate.

So say 'YES' to membership” today. Visit www.clinicalcareplatform.com, subscribe, start learning and start collecting CPD points now! For a limited time get access to our free course on HIV resistance and treatment failure, and collect free CPD points.

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