A Tour of ClinLib: Part 1 of 4

Updated: Oct 15

A Digital Certification Feature, ClinCert

The Clinical Care Platform(CCP) aims to stay true to its brand promise by offering a convenient experience when completing your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities. CCP established clinical library "ClinLib" for healthcare professionals to access over 80 CPD courses, guidelines and assessment questions on demand.

We are introducing a series of blog articles that will explore different ClinLib features and how they can be used to enhance your learning experience. This article focuses on one of the most useful features of ClinLib known as ClinCert. Let's explore how you can "inCert'' yourself into the future of CPD learning.


What is ClinCert?

ClinCert is a digital credential wallet for all your CPD certifications, which improves data security, makes your certificates easily accessible to you anytime and at your convenience. Upon completion of any CPD accredited course a notification will be sent to your email, informing you that your certificate is ready and available on ClinCert. Webinar certificates are made available within within 24 hours of attending and Clinlib certificates are immediately available on course completion. ClinCert information on the homepage navigation areas on the Clinical Care Platform and ClinLib websi