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Clinical Care Platform Partnership

We are committed to help institutions, medical societies, corporate supporters and clinicians fulfil their commitments to educational programs while ensuring full compliance with all CPD regulations. We provide project facilitation services for non-accredited educational providers that create their own medical programs.

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Joint Partnership Project Facilitation

Organizations looking to create, and market webinars and on-demand(enduring) CPD materials gain exposure and reach beyond practitioners attending live events by collaborating with Clinical Care platform. Our unbiased educational programming help deliver broad market penetration for medical education programs and concepts.

Live Webinar Development

Webinars provide you an opportunity to share and engage your medical education concepts and innovations to a targeted, live audience. You can also engage them, gather feedback and answer all their questions on the spot. Many webinar participants in healthcare also appreciate the opportunity to earn CPD points for participation Live webinars.

Elearning Course Development

On-Demand eLearning courses can be created as a derivative product from a live webinar project or a program designed from the beginning to be offered as an on-demand activity. Our team works with our partners to engage subject matter experts, course (or series) content development and validation process and the production, hosting, marketing and distribution of the activities.

Got an idea for a medical education course?

Individual medical faculty looking to create and market enduring CPD materials in a specialty of their expertise can gain exposure and reach by collaborating Clinical Care Platform. Clinical Care Platform works with independent faculty to create quality products based on their ideas for educational programming. Like all of our other productions, the end product will be high quality, unbiased CPD developed through our sophisticated technological capabilities and supported by our turnkey marketing programs that distribute the materials to target markets throughout South Africa. Course producers will royalty revenue from developed courses.

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