What's Included?

Weekly lectures and related guidelines.

    1. Watch Lecture

    2. Coaching Schedule

    1. Watch Lecture

    2. Notes: Female Anatomy

    3. Read Chapter 2: Basic Science for MRCOG part 1

    1. Watch Lecture

    2. Notes: Pelvic Viscera, Fetal Circulation, placenta and Amniotic Fluid

    3. Article: Criteria for placental examination

    4. Read Chapter 2, Page 55: Basic Science for MRCOG

    1. Watch Skills Session

    2. Notes: Partogram and UltraSound

    3. WHO Intrapartum Care Model

    4. SA Intrapartum Care Guidelines

    5. NICE - Fetal Monitoring in Labour

    1. Lecture: Abnormal Presentations and Malpositions

    2. Notes: Abnormal presentations and Malposition

    3. Malpositions of the occiput and malpresentations

    4. Management of Breech Presentation

    5. Assisted Vaginal Birth

    6. Seminar in O&G: Mechanical Obstetrics

    1. Lecture: Miscarriage, Ectopic Pregnancy & CTOP

    2. Notes: Miscarriage, Ectopic Pregnancy & CTOP

    3. Notes: 2nd Trimester TOP

    4. SA National CTOP Guidelines

    5. Choice on Termination of Pregnancy ACT

    6. Recognition and Management of Maternal Sepsis

    7. Surviving Sepsis Campaign: Sepsis and Shock Guidelines

    8. WHO Prevention and Treatment of Peripartum Infections

    9. Saving Mothers Report, 2021.

Add-On to the Obstetrics Diploma Preparatory Program

  • 148 lessons
  • 46.5 hours of video content
  • Guidelines
  • Lectures
  • Job Aids


Dr Billy Magagula

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist. MBChB (UL, Medunsa), DIP Obst (SA), DIP HIV Man (SA), MMED O&G (UP), FCOG (SA)

Dr Billy Magagula is an obstetrician and gynaecologist that looks after women of all age groups. He provides excellent and evidence based care that is individualised to women during pregnancy and outside pregnancy.